LGU Digitization through Fiber Optic Wide Area Networks

Hidetech Corporation deploys Fiber Optic Wide Area Networks (WAN) to provide a future-proof digital infrastructure to LGUs to enable them to provide Smart City Services such as:

  • E-Governance system
  • CCTV and IoT monitoring for improved emergency response, traffic management, and public safety
  • Free Internet Access via WiFi to schools, barangay halls, and other community centers

Improving Public Services through Fully Integrated E-Governance

Hidetech's E-Governance System allows the LGU to:

  • Speed up delivery of City Hall services to citizens through paperless transactions
  • Decongest the City Hall by empowering Baranggay Halls to deliver basic services
  • Enable the citizens to avail of government services online from anywhere in the world
  • Increase City Hall revenue through stricter monitoring of collections
  • Simplify government payments through online and off-site payment options

Bridging the Digital Divide through equitable access to E-learning

Utilizing Fiber Optic Infrastructure, Hidetech can deliver integrated e-learning solutions to public schools such as an LGU-wide School Management System and Learning Management System.

Hidetech is the exclusive Distributor of SMART Board eLearning Solutions. The SMART Board is an interactive display with all the essentials educators need - including iQ embedded computing.

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