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Transforming LGUs 

into Smart Cities

“Hide”, pronounced Hee-day in Japanese, means Excellent.

Hidetech provides cutting edge Information and Communication Technology products and services, specifically designed to enable LGUs transform into Smart Cities.

Hidetech is backed by a team of industry experts with decades of experience in software development, systems integration, and public governance.



We install LGU-wide fiber optic cables to create a singular high-bandwidth Wide Area Network. This will enable the LGU to provide steady online access to barangay halls, public schools and other government offices to the DATU e-Governance Systems, and allow the deployment of CCvTV and IoT sensors across the LGU.


The DATU e-Governance Software Systems is designed specifically to automate government services, and is complemented by enabling Hardware technologies.

We offer fully customizable software systems built using the latest web technologies. DATU e-Governance Software Systems provides fully automated end-to-end online solutions for LGUs which includes:

  • Citizen Relationship Management is a centralized database of citizens
  • Online Services Portal for Business Permits and Licensing Office, Assessor’s Office, Treasury, and other offices
  • Other Management Systems such as Supplies Inventory Management, Fix Assets Management, H.R. & Payroll among others
  • Command Center System to help maintain peace & order, monitor vehicular and foot traffic, and help mitigate disasters
  • Executive Dashboard provides real time access to key reports and figures essential to running an LGU


Limay, Bataan – Php 245M
Fiber optic LAN cabling, WAN, CCTVs, LED Billboards, Public School Modernization

Tuguegarao, Cagayan – Php 185M
Command Center, LAN structured cabling, WAN, Smartboards, e-Governance Software solutions

Multiple LGUs – Php 60M
Fiber optic LAN cabling, WAN, CCTVs, LED Billboards, Public School Modernization

LTFRB, Metro Manila – Php 24M
Software Solutions –PUV Monitoring System, Central Command Station, Electronic Support System